AdSense for search - web search right from your site

When you place an AdSense for search box on your site, you can improve your users' online experience, generate a new revenue stream, and better understand your visitors' needs, all at the same time.

Your users will appreciate the opportunity to search the web from your site, and you'll appreciate the opportunity to monetize those searches through clicks on search results pages. The search results pages can be customized to fit with your site's theme, and you'll be paid for every valid click on the ads that appear.

Details and answers to FAQ about AdSense for search can be found at the  AdSense for search section of our Help Center.


Tip for a better understanding of your visitors: Take advantage of the top queries report for AdSense for search. The top queries report provides a list of the top 25 searches performed on your AdSense for search box. Use it to determine the most sought-after topics on your site, or investigate what your users aren't able to find on your pages. However you use it, the top queries report can be a powerful tool in analyzing and improving your site.

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